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School Inspection - Give Your Views

posted 3 Mar 2012, 05:28 by Parent Council

As you may already know, St Peter the Apostle High School is going to be inspected in a couple of weeks, beginning on Monday 19th March.  You should get a letter explaining what happens in the inspection and how to give your views.  There are three ways to give your views:

 1. Fill in a questionnaire, if you get one.  Not evey parent will be given a questionnaire - 400 will be issued.  If you do get a questionnaire please fill it in, sign it and return it by Friday 9th March
2. Be part of a sample group of parents who will meet and talk to one of the inspectors.  Not all parents who want to be part of a group will be picked but if you would like to be part of a group then you will need to say this in the questionnaire (there is a part to fill in for being part of the sample group) or by telephoning 01224 642544 and giving contact details
3. Ask to speak to a member of the inspection team during the inspection.  If you want to do this, telephone 01224 642544 

This is a really important chance for you to give your views on the school and help the school to find out what it does well and how it can improve.  So please give your views.  

Tony Coultas, the chairman of the Parent Council, will meet one of the inspectors during the inspection.  If you want to speak to Tony before he meets the inspector, please call him on 07722469097.